Journal Articles

“From ides aglæcwif to “shebeast”: The Loss of the Wrecend in Thomas Meyer’s Translation of Beowulf.” The Year’s Work in Medievalism (Forthcoming)

“Lady Bertilak’s Pearls: Instrumenta Dei and the Stone Imagery that Unites the Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3).” Arthuriana 28.4 (2018): 24-45. PDF

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“The Associative Branches of the Irish Barnacle: Gerald of Wales and the Natural World.” Hortulus: The Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies, 11.2 (May 2015): 26-53.  PDF

“Ending The Dualism Of Nature And Industry In The Lord Of The Rings.” Mallorn: The Journal Of The Tolkien Society, 51 (2011): 27-31.

Chapters in Edited Collections

“Keeping the Romish Wolves at Bay: A Breviary for Britain and the Welsh Book Trade of the Sixteenth Century.” Religion in the Medieval and Early Modern Marketplace. Eds. Kristin Bezio and Scott Oldenburg. (Forthcoming)

Brut Lost? Brut Found: The Curious Case of the Historie of Cambria.” New Approaches to Medieval Chronicles. Ed. Lane Sobehrad. (Forthcoming)

“The Commonplace Book as an Experiential Guide.” Teaching the History of the Book. Co-authored with Sarah Banschbach Valles. Eds. Matteo Pangallo & Emily Todd. NY: MLA, 2019. (Forthcoming)

“In Sickness and In Health: The Boethian Narrative of the Two Geralds of Brecon.” Treason: Medieval and Early Modern Treachery, Betrayal and Shame. Ed. Larissa Tracy. Leiden: Brill, 2019. Link

Book Reviews

Sims-Williams, Patrick. Irish Influence on Medieval Welsh Literature. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. For Peritia, 27 (2016): 301-303.

Callan, Maeve Brigid. The Templars, the Witch, and the Wild Irish: Vengeance and Heresy in Medieval Ireland. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2015. For Comitatus, 47 (2016): 269-271. PDF

MA Thesis

“The Subversive Power of St. David’s: Gerald of Wales and the Dominion of Canterbury, a Postcolonial Approach.” Master’s Thesis. George Mason University, May 5, 2012. PDF