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Resources for Fighting the Proposed Tax Bill

Notes from the ACE letter to the House Ways & Means Committee

Impact for Students of the Proposed Tax Bill

Halloween 2017

The Dangers of Nephews

The Dalhousie Manuscripts @ TTU

The Conquest begins

Getty MS Ludwig III 1, fol. 23r — St. John and the beast of the sea

Tree-ish “Giraldus” doodle

Hamilton – “Best of Wives, Best of Women”

Sir Walter Scott: August 15, 1771

Race & Medieval Studies: Some Resources

Chaucer: July 12, 1389

Forthcoming Research Symposium (April 19): Opening Up the Book

#TypographyTuesday – Remembering Malory

Teaching Medea and Lady Macbeth

Latest Finds from the TTU Special Collections Library

MLA 2018 CFP: Mapping Space in Medieval Literature

Publication of Sir Gawain article

UNM Summer Paleography & Codicology Institute

Pointing with Manicules

Good News!

Printing Sir Thomas Malory (from London, BL Additional MS 59678)

The Fugitive Bell of Leinster

Pulling Prints of Piers

Printing Piers Plowman

The Gem-World of the Dreamer

Critiquing Jehlen on Gender

“Writing” and the Reading of Medieval Manuscripts

Printing Margery Kempe’s Words

Sarazins, Payns, Barbarians in King Horn

A Further Hunting Parallel in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Divine Judgment in the Lawsuit of Patience

Cheaters and the Ultimate Spoil-sport in Cleanness

The Agonism of the Earthly and the Spiritual in Pearl

The Irish Barnacle

Final Days of Letterpress Project

Folio Final Project Sneak Peek

Final Letterpress Project Update #2

Irreducible Language

Letterpress Lab: Imposition Practice

Elitism and Kelmscott

The Transparency and Translation of Scribal Culture

TTU’s Gutenberg Bible Pages

Marginalia and Other Beauties from TTU’s Rare Books Collection

The Baskerville Incident

Appadurai and the Construction of Majorities

The Wickedness (Or Eccentricity?) of the Baskervilles

From Medieval Bestiary to 19th Century Half-Tone Blocks

The Imposition of the Western Framework

[Non]Marginal Women: Midwives Ungendered?

From Scriptorium to Printing House

Line Justification and Spaced-Out Lines in Joseph Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises

[Image is mine, c. 2015. Printed linocut on paper.]